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Strengthening our Community Through the Gift of Plumbing

As we all know, women are very underrepresented in the trades but thanks to talented entrepreneurs like Natasha, she is helping lay a path of new career opportunities for other women. Natasha accomplishes this not only by building her own business but helping with employment programs at the YWCA, teaching on the Women In Trades program at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and helping students at Mount Royal Collegiate build houses in their High School Carpentry Apprenticeship Program.

4 Budget Renovation Ideas That Can Add Pizzazz To Your Old Home

Canadians love their homes but they also like to keep redecorating, making small changes and, in general, make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable. Home renovations when done right can certainly add a great deal of value to your home making it aesthetically pleasant and comfortable for the residents. Today, we will discuss 4 renovation styles and tips that can be done without spending too much money yet add a lot of value and comfort to your home. (more…)