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Complete yard by From the Ground Up

Many people consider their backyard, simply that… a backyard. However, a backyard should be considered an extension of your house with multiple rooms that have endless possibilities. You can have a place to prepare amazing meals, a patio where you can relax with friends and family, a secluded area where you can roast marshmallows over an open fire, a soft patch of grass for the kids to play or garden boxes to fill with your favourite vegetables and flowers.

If you were to develop multiple rooms in your house, you would require multiple home improvement professionals. However, when it comes to developing your entire backyard, you only need one. Brandon and his crew at From the Ground Up Landscaping do it all! No need to hire a separate lawn crew, sprinkler crew, fence crew, patio crew etc. Brandon’s team has the skills and experience to get it done. There is something else that sets From the Ground Up apart from other landscaping companies that we noticed here at Kijenga, and is one of the reasons we ensured he became a Kijenga Certified Pro.

“We are honest, fast and efficient. Our goal is to be in and out, within a week.”
– Brandon

Ruggedly handsome, incredibly efficient. JP (left). Brandon (right).

Ruggedly handsome, incredibly efficient. JP (left). Brandon (right).

In June, I hopped in my Kijenga mobile and took a drive out to Warman to bring Brandon and his crew some coffees. Brandon and JB were constructing an outdoor space to the specific design created by the homeowner, while Chis and Lindsay were finishing a fence nearby.
I saw first hand that From the Ground Up is all about efficiency. Rather than piecing away on a handful of backyards, delaying completion on them all, these Kijenga Pros were laser focussed, ensuring that their customers could get back outside in no time.  In fact, they finished this entire yard before I finished this blog post!
Exactly how efficient is From the Ground Up? Well, I tried to ask 64 year old landscaping expert, Chris. However, he was barely willing to stop long enough to take a sip of his triple triple before nailing in the last fence board on this Warman yard.
Lindsay & Chris - Fencing Pros

Fencing pros hard at work – Lindsay (left). Chris (right).

Want your yard done from start to finish? Head over to the Kijenga Marketplace and check out some great deals from Brandon and his From The Ground Up Landscaping crew. Oh, and by the way, this is the team that built a deck, around a tree… pretty cool eh?