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$150 Concrete Driveway Sealing Voucher

Living in Saskatchewan, the climate plays a big factor in the life of your concrete. Whether you have a concrete driveway or stamped pad in the backyard, it's recommended you seal your concrete every year to eliminate the deterioration caused by temperature fluctuations and road salt. Concrete is a big investment so you have to protect that investment. The professionals at Old North Concrete will take care of it all for you. Enjoy your summer - sit back and relax and take advantage of this money saving offer.  

Driveway Sealing for 1000 Square Feet

Saskatchewan weather can cause concrete driveways to deteriorate faster than we hope if not taken care of properly. With this Kijenga deal you can help protect and beautify your property—saving yourself from the time, money and hassle of repairs and replacements later. The pros from X-Stream Concrete don't just spray your concrete driveway, they seal and revitalize it using acrylic commercial grade sealer. X-Stream Concrete will pressure wash your concrete surface, clearing all debris and getting right into the saw cut lines and tool joint lines. The sealer will be spayed on and cut around the edges. These guys at X-Stream Concrete take pride in their work and they stand behind their projects. Make that driveway look new again and protect your investment from everything mother nature is going to throw its way, be it rain, snow, hail...