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Strengthening our Community Through the Gift of Plumbing - Kijenga Marketplace

When Kevin presented me with the basic principle of Kijenga (connecting reputable home pros with homeowners online) I knew I would be meeting some incredible entrepreneurs in the home improvement space. However, I never expected to meet so many local business owners who use their trades to better our community. The owner/operator of Marz Plumbing, Natasha Martynes, does just that.

It’s a sad reality that in 2016, there are still some careers that require women to pioneer. As we all know, women are very underrepresented in the trades but thanks to talented entrepreneurs like Natasha, she is helping lay a path of new career opportunities for other women. Natasha accomplishes this not only by building her own business but helping with employment programs at the YWCA, teaching on the Women In Trades program at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and helping students at Mount Royal Collegiate build houses in their High School Carpentry Apprenticeship Program. Natasha is not simply a role model for women entrepreneurs, she is a role model for all local businesses.

Spadina West

I caught up with Natasha and Marz Plumbing team member, Mike, at a recent project. They were working for two artistic homeowners, who had a beautiful home near the river on Saskatoon’s west side. These particular homeowners loved finding unique, one of a kind, fixtures that transformed their interior into a beautiful mosaic of character and life. Many plumbers would cringe at the thought of trying to operate in these challenging renovations but not the Marz team.

“I enjoy working on renovations to help make things work and to create a space that people can really love”
– Michael

Natasha & Michael


Oh, and did I mention? Marz Plumbing prides themselves on buying parts from locally owned companies. Just another way they are making mindful contributions to our city.

From new construction to artistic renovations and everything in between, Marz Plumbing will get it done. That’s why they are a Kijenga Certified Home Pro.

Marz is offering some incredible packages on the Kijenga Marketplace. Check out their store and support a local company that is making our city great!